Computer Skills

Anyone can use a computer these day

The Fun Side of Computers
(I aways ask before putting a comment here.)

Had a person call me "my computer will not start can you come have a look at it, no lights at all

"Is it plugged into the power "

I am an electictian" ok I come have look. Wait for this, the shed had a blowen fuse" sorry Bob I had to add this one.

Made a service call and asked a lady "what is the white out for on the bottom right of screen".

I put that there because my clock is not right and I do not know how to set it.

Phone call from an old timer (she will have a big laugh when she reads this) My computer screen displayed a note "You Have New Mail" and I have been to the Post Office twice and they have nothing, why does it keep telling me this... "I will come see you"

Call from (no name here) my new wireless mouse will not work the left and right button are not work and when I move it right it goes left and if I move it left it goes to the right.

"Muuuuu turn it around it's upside down"

"Thanks it working fine now and the left and right buttons are working as well"

We build and sell new computers in the local area, we install and service what we sell .. ...